“Our Town”

Historic Ketchikan has now produced seven editions of Our Town.Our latest edition is available for free at many locations in Ketchikan including most hotels, the Ketchikan Visitors Center, bookstores and of course at the Historic Ketchikan office. You can also enjoy the entire online version here at our web site by clicking next to the adjacent cover page graphic.

Our Town“Our Town” magazine is a publication of Historic Ketchikan, with support from the Ketchikan Gateway Borough and the City of Ketchikan. It is published every two or three years and brings up to date almost anything you would want to know about the community of Ketchikan.

Compiled from many sources, including many of Ketchikan’s fine photographers, the magazine is a community profile with general factual information and residents‘ opinions. It is designed to be informative and entertaining – a tribute to the spirit of a progressive community. It is not intended as a primary historical reference.

Here is a partial listing of the contents:
Ketchikan’s Founding, Area Map, Public Facilities, Climate, Chronology of Alaska, Attractions and Activities, Native Culture, Visitor Industry, Aviation, Education, Worship, Arts, Historical Neighborhoods, Forest and Resources, Recreation, Waterfront, Health Care, Wildlife and Hunting, Fishing Industry, Mining, Media, Community Profile.

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