Bawden Street Brewery

Bawden Street Brewery, Ketchikan
Photo by J. Kelly Butwinski

Architects Amanda Welsh and Tim Whiteley, longtime enthusiasts of historic preservation, restored a downtown Ketchikan building–now the Bawden Street Brewery. Built in 1944 to serve the then adjacent hospital’s need for boilers, laundry facilities, and nun’s quarters, this reinforced concrete structure was important to Ketchikan’s early medical facility needs. Its tall chimney was built to extend above the roof of the adjacent hospital. One the hospital ceased operations this building saw limited use.

It is a different story now! The building contains thriving businesses including the headquarters of Welsh Whiteley Architects, Bawden Street Brewery, and Alluring Beauty & Nails by Liz. Together these businesses account for nine year-round jobs, considerable investment in the Downtown, and a big contribution to our property and sales tax base. This careful and colorful restoration enhances the destination appeal of our downtown and helps to tell our story.

Thanks HK members Tim and Amanda!

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